A new world is emerging.
As individuals, organizations, and changemakers, we have committed ourselves to transformational change. However, our work is often caught in a cycle between hope and despair, action and inaction, connection and disconnection. To break that cycle, we need to find a new way.
A way of leading while the world wakes up.
We face a pivot point.
As a global community, we navigate climate and environmental crises together—enormous changes that require us all to level up.
It’s up to each of us how we respond. Will we default to our usual strategies, or will we choose differently?
We need to become guides.
To face our current realities, and stay engaged, awake, and capable, we need to do more than scare, inform or push solutions at people.

Our work must be more nuanced. It starts with our capacity to show up as fully human. When we start with ourselves—and our own messy and complicated feelings—we can begin conversations that transform.
Our ability to do this begins with change from the inside out.
As campaign leaders, we tend to feel that the anxieties, ambivalence, anger—even the aspirations of our audience—are the problem.

When we turn towards our stakeholders, partners, audiences—listening instead of cheerleading, educating, righting—we become the guides this moment needs.
So, what is a guide?
Guiding is a new mindset.
It’s also a skill set and way of being. Guiding is a new kind of climate and sustainability leadership.
Guiding enables each of us to access our own innate capacities to engage, respond, heal, create, innovate, activate, and repair.
Guiding is about relationship.
It is about forming and strengthening relationships with allies, community, and stakeholders to navigate the overwhelm, bridge divides, and heal the world.

It’s about creating spaces for our full selves—with our anxieties, ambivalence, aspirations, our grief, our hope, our despair, our joy, and our motivation.
Guiding is about welcoming it all.
Your love for the world is a superpower.
It’s time we unlock this at scale—and fast.

We can lead with grace and strength, compassion and empathy. We can move from isolation to community, from anxiety to action. We can show up as our bold, brilliant selves.

We can enable and empower others to do the same.
This is what change from the inside out is all about.
Let’s get started