About Us

The world is facing unprecedented challenges – from the global health crisis and climate change to racial injustice and political uncertainty. And yet many of us fail to take action because we feel too overwhelmed. Our actions feel insignificant, we’re not sure where to start, or we feel genuinely scared to give up anything. All limit our capacity to make positive change in the world.

Project InsideOut is a new philosophy and approach for engaging communities about climate and sustainability issues. We are an emerging global community that unites activists with clinical psychologists and evidence-based research to drive sustainable behavior change for our planet. We bring together for the very first time the expertise and creativity of clinical psychology and environmental activism to accelerate global change. This fall we will unveil our Resource Hub which provides practical tools based on best practices and wisdom honed over years of clinical practice that activists and advocates can apply directly to their work.

Our philosophy on change radically resets the role of relationships and conversations. How we position ourselves to our communities, the issues we care about, and the experiences of our community members matter deeply. The messy and complex human reactions to global crises such as the anxieties, ambivalence, anger and even aspirations we feel and unconsciously defend against are at the core of sustainable action or guilt-ridden inaction. Our human reactions are not the “problem” that needs to be solved, but rather the missing voice of the conversation that will drive lasting change.

“We need to address all of our emotions about the climate crisis, not only for our mental wellbeing but also to remove roadblocks to action. If we can’t look at how climate change makes us feel—along with the dilemmas and difficult choices we face—we can’t solve it.”

– Dr. Renee Lertzman, Founder of Project InsideOut
Please see additional details for our October 7-8 Summit here!