About Us

The threats from climate change today are unprecedented. Yet many of us fail to take action because we feel too overwhelmed. Or we stay numb and do nothing. If we do act, often it’s to avoid our feelings altogether. All limit our capacity to make positive change in the world.

Enter Project InsideOut. Based on the pioneering work of environmental psychologist Renee Lertzman, PhD, it serves as both an online informational resource and a forum for sharing expertise and insights. It applies the latest research and best practices in psychology to help people on the journey from despair, passivity and denial toward courageous, more impactful environmental action.

How it all began

It was 1989. At a university lecture on climate change, Renee felt haunted by the photos of beached whales and starved bears, scorched forests and parched farmlands, all punctuated by graphs. Surely she couldn’t be the only one flooded with such difficult emotions about what seemed to her like the end of the world as we know it. Yet no one was tackling this aspect of climate change. Since then, it has been her mission to bring psychologists together in the service of our planet.

“We need to address all of our emotions about the climate crisis, not only for our mental wellbeing but also to remove roadblocks to action. If we can’t look at how climate change makes us feel—along with the dilemmas and difficult choices we face—we can’t solve it.”

– Dr. Renee Lertzman
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