Project InsideOut Summit: A New Approach to Sustainable Action

Do you feel like your audience isn’t responding to your campaign even though they care deeply and are distressed about the threats, they want to respond; but feel their actions are insignificant, and are not sure where to start? Or feel genuinely scared to change or give up anything?

Join Dr. Renée Lertzman, renowned psychologist, author and founder of Project InsideOut, Dr. Dan Siegel, New York Times bestselling author and Executive Director of the Mindsight Institute, and others as we explore what psychology has to offer our work addressing urgent issues on climate and sustainability.

The Project InsideOut Summit will feature four interactive presentations by recognized clinicians and nonprofit leaders on psychological theory and best practices that can drive engagement and action on environmental issues. The virtual two-day event will unveil new tools that will help campaign designers, organizational leaders and empowered citizens innovate how they communicate and guide their communities to face our current realities. The summit offers new information and empowering discussion on addressing climate change at a time when our world is facing unprecedented challenges.

Join us on October 7 and 8 for dynamic conversations on how we can all stay engaged, awake and capable of driving change. Hear from experts in the field about strategies that will help us attune to feelings and human dilemmas, reveal emotional honesty, convene meaningful interactions, sustain action for the long term, and equip people with tools and resources to build influence and drive behavior change.

Please register and reserve your spot at the link below. Additional program details will be shared in the coming weeks.