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Project InsideOut is designed to be a rich and multi-leveled resource showcasing the materials we’ve developed to support you on your journey towards more integrated, connected, and emotionally present leadership.

The Quadrant of Engagement

Developed to help organizations reflect, evaluate, and assess their current approaches to making change happen, this tool deepens your work with Project InsideOut. The Quadrant can help you understand and investigate what assumptions underlie your work. These orientations reflect trends in the field, our own proclivities, experiences, training, and organizational culture. And they are usually implicit. Now we can make them explicit.

The Quadrant of Engagement is a very useful tool for you to try with your team.


Stories from the Field

This is a total, integrated approach, it’s not something you plug and play, or bolt on. It will change what and how you do your work. Working with the Guiding Principles, and the PIO method provides endless points of entry into deploying this work in the real world. Our featured story with Greenfaith provides an in-depth look at the process of using PIO’s materials in campaign design. Our snapshot stories are close looks at organizations’ use of single tools within the PIO approach.

Snapshot Stories from the Field

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